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Spring MINI Session Event!

Swinging on a swing inside of a studio? Doesn't get much more unique! As a photographer I need to plan my year in advance to be sure I can bring certain visions to life. Sometimes this means ordering things months in advance hoping the details will all come together in time for the seasonal session. Before Christmas I came across an image of a girl swinging in the trees on a rope swing covered in flowers and imagined how I could create something like this in the studio. I pictured flowers, flowing dresses, bright and breezy. I was able to find this metal ring online and with the help of my handy husband (who begrudgingly poked more holes in my lovely studio) my vision took life!

I knew exactly what I wanted, I just had no idea how to achieve it! I mean how can I hang a swing (with safety and weight capacity in mind) for clients to actually sit on from my ceiling? Enter dear husband who said, "totally easy, but are you sure you want more holes in your walls?"

I started amping up excitement about my project online and people began to get very curious about what I had in store so the pressure was on to pull this off. The metal ring I ordered didn't arrive the day it should have, or the day after that, nor after that. I let about a week go by when I looked into the order only to realize it had been placed on back order and was no longer available. This wasted a MONTH of my time and I still had NOthing to show for it! I was deflated thinking there was no way I could order it somewhere else (if I could even find somewhere else) and it still arrive on time for me to create the set, shoot the promo ad and post it for booking before Spring was summer (lol)

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